Blocks Together is responding to the needs of the West Humboldt Park and Garfield Park communities by focusing on Community Health, Prevention, Protection, and Planning/Organizing for the long term impact this will have on the families and communities we are working with and supporting. Please click the download button below to get our Covid Test Sites list.

Blocks Together was started by a group of residents in the West Humboldt Park community that were working to address crime and safety issues. From their victories around increased safety measures, the organization began to work on other issues impacting the community, and now has grown to a multi-issue organization working to create new policies and practices to improve the conditions of the community. Since 1995, has helped residents empower themselves to work together for systematic changes that bring concrete improvement in their lives. Some of this work has included getting school reform legislation passed in the state of Illinois, participatory budgeting of their local tax increment financing (TIF), creating a TIF Toolbox to help residents across the City of Chicago understand this use of public funds, and innovative educational programming for youth both in-school and after school that develop leadership skills and facilitate healing.

“Ant societies function through individual ants acting collectively in accord with simple, local information to carry on all of their survival activities. Every ant relies on the work of others in producing their own work. Cooperative work. Collective Sustainability.” ~ Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy


Blocks Together’s mission is to build a grassroots community infrastructure, governed from the bottom up, which provides the resources, leadership development and sustained focused efforts to achieve widespread improvements for the community and advance economic and social justice.